Lubbock Master Gardener Association


Waterwise Perennial Recommendations for Lubbock County

waterwise perennials

Lubbock Master Gardeners Association has created information-filled listings of water-wise plants we recommend for our area. This list of water-wise perennials is offered as a starting point for gardeners in the Lubbock area. Click on the plant name to see…

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Mexican Bush Sage

mexican bush sage

Name: Mexican Bush Sage Height: 3-5′ Width/Spread: 18-24″ Light: Sun/Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Fall Color/Feature: Velvety purple or deep rose flower spikes with small white flowers. EarthKindTM Rating: 9 Maintenance: Do not prune back until after last frost….

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Mealy Blue Sage

mealy blue sage

Name: Mealy Blue Sage Height: 2-3″ Width/Spread: 18-24″ Light: Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Spring/Summer/Fall Color/Feature: Violet blue EarthKindTM Rating: 9 Maintenance: The mealy blue sage requires no pruning, but some tip pinching will encourage more blooms. Botanical Name &…

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Cherry Sage and Autumn Sage

autumn sage or cherry sage

Name: Cherry Sage or Autumn Sage Height: 3′ Width/Spread: 3′ Light: Sun/Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: SE Seasonal Interest: Late Spring to Frost Color/Feature: Orange, salmon, fuchsia, purple, red-violet, burgundy, some with white variegation of leaves or flowers. EarthKindTM Rating: 9 Maintenance:…

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Blue Anise Sage

blue anise sage

Name: Blue Anise Sage Height: 3-4′ Width/Spread: 4′ Light: Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Spring/Summer Color/Feature: Dark blue flowers with almost black sepals. Maintenance: Deadhead blooms for greater flowering. Botanical Name & Comments: Salvia guaranitica Spectacular bloomer with large flowers…

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