March Planting Guide & Checklist


​Normal and record freeze dates for Lubbock, TX:
The average last freeze in spring is April 10.

The recorded earliest last freeze in spring was February 24, 2012.

The recorded latest last freeze in spring was May 8, 1938.

  • spinach, radishes, lettuce, through April.
  • ornamental trees and shrubs while the weather is still cool.
  • Divide and replant fall flowering plants.
  • Complete transplanting of established woody plants before bud break
  • overgrown ground cover such as English ivy before new growth begins.
  • ornamental grasses before new growth appears.
  • winter-damage from shrubs and other ornamentals.
  • DO NOT prune spring flowering shrubs and vines, until after blooming.
  • DO NOT remove foliage on spring bulbs such as daffodils until completely dry. This is what creates food for next year’s plants.
  • Based on a soil test fertilize established shade trees, ornamental trees, and shrubs as spring growth begins.
  • Based on a soil test fertilize pecan and fruit trees before bud break.
  • Continue to feed pansies and other cool season annuals to extend their bloom season.
  • Protect tender plants from late freezes.