LMGA Guides

We offer these LMGA-created gardening guides as a starting point for gardeners in Lubbock. Whether you’re new to the area (and attempting to understand how anyone grows anything here), or a Lubbock native looking to expand your gardening knowledge, these guides are a great bundle of information.


Plant Recommendations

Lubbock Master Gardener Association has created information-filled listings of water-wise plants we recommend for our area. Click the image below to see the guides.

waterwise resources

Waterwise Resources

The Ogallala Aquifer is an almost incomprehensible natural resource, due to its geographical size and overall economic, cultural, and historical scope. Click the image below to see our waterwise resources.




Seasonal Checklists

Spring Gardening Guide Summer Gardening Guide
This Fall Winter Gardening Guide


How to Read a Seed Packet or Catalog

Read our LMGA guide on reading a seed packet or catalog.

While You Wait For Spring

Waiting for Spring to arrive? Here’s our LMGA list of garden tasks and things you can be working on while you wait for the bustle of spring gardening.

Potato Towers

Here’s our Lubbock Master Gardener guide to DIY potato towers.


Climate Information

Fertilizer Use

Build a Greenhouse

Guide to Houseplants

Read the Lubbock Master Gardener guide to caring for houseplants here.

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