LMGA Demonstration Garden

Evolution of the Demonstration Garden

The Lubbock Master Gardener’s Association (LMGA) Demonstration Garden (DG) was established in 2023 in Lubbock, Texas. The garden is located within The Lubbock Memorial Arboretum, a 93-acre historical site in the heart of the city. In 2022, the Arboretum provided some land in partnership with the Lubbock Master Gardener Association for garden development and educational use. Additionally, the DG was initially funded through a grant from The South Plains Water District and funding from the City of Lubbock. 

This Demonstration Garden project parallels with the LMGA’s mission which is to increase gardening knowledge by providing home gardeners with the best information on gardening practices. A pergola is in Phase I of the garden for Master Gardener’s use for monthly education offerings and opportunities. The garden was designed, implemented, and maintained by Lubbock Master Gardeners. The garden includes (21) raised beds of different designs and (2) hydroponic beds.

While the Demonstration Garden was initiated in 2023, the garden will continue to grow in future years.  The growth of the garden will be dependent upon fundraising, donor procurement and secured grants. The garden is planned for (6) future phases based upon funding received.

Demonstration Garden Development Phases 

Phase I:     Raised Beds & Simple Hydroponics

Phase II:    Greenhouse Design and Build

Phase III:  Advanced Hydroponics

Phase IV:  The Garden Without Limits

Phase V:    The Butterfly & Children’s Garden

Phase VI:  The Orchard and Rain Garden

Demonstration Garden Projected Layout:

Demonstration Garden Phase I Raised Bed(s) Layout:

Progress Photos

LMGA Demonstration Garden Progress Photos (Dropbox)

Thank you to the following Lubbock Master Gardeners who have nurtured the beds in Phase I of the Demonstration Garden:

Master Gardener NameBed TypeGarden Location Number
Mary CaffeyPerennial Bed#1
Mary CaffeyPerennial Bed#2
Sally DohertyPollinator (Metal) Bed#3
Beverly RobbinsPollinator (Metal) Bed#4
Bonnie MacLeanHerb Garden#5
John WallisTexas Native Plants#6
Krista JenkinsPotager Garden#7
Colleen LeClair-SmithTexas Superstar Bed#8
Rita EdwardsVegetable Garden with Trellis#9
Krista JenkinsVegetable Garden with Trellis#10
Rita EdwardsMoon Garden Ged#11
Cindy TalbotKeyhole Garden#12
Colleen LeClair-SmithTexas Superstar Plants#13
Becky Miller / Cindy Talbot10 Bucket Bed (Vegetables & Hydroponics)#14
Liz Wagner / Claudia BretzCorner Cinder Block Bed#15
Cynthia CarrRose Bed#16
Jan SuttonSeasonal Bed#17
Barbara JonesButterfly Garden#18
Judy McEachern / Janice VaughnXeriscape Bed#19
Jan SuttonTire Bed#20
Tricia FarrarSeasonal Bed#21
Becky MillerHydroponics#22
Becky MillerHydroponics#23

For Further Information on the Demonstration Garden, please contact Colleen LeClair-Smith at 806-241-0308 or Colleenleclairsmith@yahoo.com.