Become a Master Gardener

Become a master gardener


Do you like the feel of the earth between your fingers, the fragrance of growing flowers, the taste of homegrown tomatoes?

So do Lubbock Master Gardeners!

Thinking about joining us? We host Master Gardener Intern Classes annually or bi-annually.

For more information about upcoming classes, please contact:

Texas AgriLife Extension Office
916 Main Street, Suite 401
Lubbock, TX 79401
Main Number (806) 775-1740

Texas Master Gardener Info

Read what some of our members have to say about the experience of becoming a certified Master Gardener.


Janis Campbell, of the 2010 LMGA Intern Class, said:

Lubbock Master Gardeners began for me with training classes conducted by Brant Baugh and Mark Brown. I graduated with my final exam and presentation “I Have A Dream Inspired by Our Big West Texas Sky The Moon Garden.” Many hours later of exploring, learning and making wonderful friends, I am thankful for the continuing journey I take with Lubbock Master Gardeners. I have found ways to research garden materials, designs and implementations which have been fun to share as a presenter in various formal programs, online, with neighbors, family, and friends across the nation. I love to learn! LMGA inspires me through continuing education events. It brings me in contact with bright, intelligent, well trained people at the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum, Texas Tech University Horticultural Department, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and guest speakers from across the nation who are willing to share their knowledge and friendship. Photography skills have been encouraged and improved as I have documented the beauty found in the gardens of our community. Lubbock Master Gardeners is a gift shared with young junior gardeners spanning time to all ages. I am thankful for the LMGA!


Linda Rowntree, of the LMGA Intern Class of 2013, said:

I am thankful that I became a Lubbock Master Gardener after I retired in 2012. The specialized training interns receive ensures that everyone who becomes a Master Gardener has common understandings about gardening and the unique challenges we face here on the South Plains. Active members are able to build on that training, each developing special interests and skills to be shared with the community in a variety of ways. I built the Lubbock Master Gardeners website, and learned so much doing it! I find that I enjoy researching and posting scientific information specifically about gardening in our area. It’s not what everyone would want to do, but it fits my interests perfectly! There is room for everyone who loves to learn, likes to help their community, and enjoys plants!


Kristin Bingham, the 2018 and 2019 Board President, said:

I became involved in the LMGA in 2015. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to try so many new things – from being on the radio to fundraising and just talking with neighbors and new friends about plants and gardening in Lubbock – it’s been an adventure. When I think of why I am thankful for LMGA, I am most thankful for the people – for friends to chat with and share this love of plants with; for friendly faces at coffee shops and for classes that help me be a better gardener. I am thankful for this group and the people who make it work.


Linda Slatton, the 2017 Board Vice President, said:

I graduated in the Lubbock Master Gardener Association class of 2015, and am just completing 2017 as Vice President of the Association. It has been quite the journey and pleasure, meeting and working with a wonderful group of people. Being involved and learning so much from many classes, instructors and being able to share my knowledge of gardening has been a long time dream until retirement I never had the opportunity. It has been a true blessing and I look forward to many more years of being involved and sharing.


Katherine Drury, of the LMGA Intern Class of 2015, said:

I am thankful for the education Lubbock Master Gardeners provide. From novice gardeners to experienced specialists, each member has a unique set of skills, knowledge and expertise. Master gardeners are always willing to help you plan a garden, research vegetable varieties, or even identify a pesky weed.
Some members have helped organize school gardens and volunteer their time to teach young children about gardening. There are even educational opportunities that don’t directly involve gardening. The picture below was taken during the 2017 Wildflower Photography Workshop where we learned about the types of wildflowers in Lubbock County and how to take pictures of them.
Armed with decades of experience and a vast array of information, master gardeners are always eager to share a bit of advice with their fellow LMGA members and the rest of the Lubbock community.