Turf Management in Lubbock

Our favorite turf management guides are available from AgriLife. They offer a great guide to maintaining bermudagrass lawns and a fantastic guide with simple steps to lawn care. Their helpful turfgrass care guidebook is a great place to start. Or, if you’re troubleshooting lawn diseases, their guide on lawn diseases will save you a ton of searching.

A great (and popular option) in the Lubbock area is using a combination of drought-tolerant plants and attractive landscape elements to reduce water usage (and increase year-round beauty).

Native grasses, such as buffalo grass or blue grama, can be left unmowed and require little additional irrigation.  They will go dormant in the heat, but require watering only twice a month to remain green.

Wondering whether a turf lawn is the best use of your outdoor space? These homeowners did, and they found creative alternatives.

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You can replace large areas of your lawn with heavily mulched flower beds using native and adapted plants, or with attractive pavers. Native and adapted plants can be watered with drip irrigation and require much less water and maintenance than a  traditional lawn does. The plantings  pictured at left is cut down once in the spring and watered every two to three weeks during the summer. It requires no mowing, fertilizer or  pesticides.