Winter Gardening Guide

Winter Gardening Guide

Winter Gardening Guide

Winter has arrived! We hope you find this winter gardening guide for Lubbock to be as useful as we do!

Winter Monthly Gardening Checklists for Lubbock

We hope these monthly checklists will help you stay on top of that garden this year. We made a December Gardening Checklist, a January Gardening Checklist, and a February Gardening Checklist for quick reference. These lists are tailored to Lubbock gardens (and take our Lubbock weather into account)! Just click the images below to see our printable fall monthly gardening guides!

December Garden Checklist January Garden Checklist February Garden Checklist


Water Use in Winter

We hope you find our winter water use guide to be helpful!

Protecting Plants from Freezing

We hope you find our guide to protecting plants from freezing to be helpful.

Winterproofing Your Rain Barrel

We hope you find this guide to winterproofing your rain barrel to be helpful.

Gifts from the Garden

We hope you enjoy this guide to giving gifts from the garden and find these garden crafts fun and enjoyable for the holiday season!