October Gardening Checklist


  • Plant pansies, flowering kale and cabbage for fall color.
  • Divide and re-plant ground covers like liriope.  This is also a good time to plant new ground covers, and they are often on sale.
  • Plant shrubs and trees, especially those that are grown for fall foliage, while fall color is visible.
  • Plant perennials.
  • Plant cilantro, garlic, leaf lettuce, parsley, radishes, spinach, and turnips.

Plant Care

  • Prune dead wood from trees and shrubs, but wait until they go dormant for major pruning.
  • Remove tired summer annuals, prune spent blooms off perennials.  Again, wait until later for major re-shaping.
  • Begin to bring potted tropicals and houseplants inside.  Watch out for insects which could multiply rapidly inside.
  • Gather leaves as they drop on grass.  Add to the compost pile or shred and use as mulch in beds.