Waterwise Perennial Recommendations for Lubbock County

waterwise perennials

Lubbock Master Gardeners Association has created information-filled listings of water-wise plants we recommend for our area. This list of water-wise perennials is offered as a starting point for gardeners in the Lubbock area. Click on the plant name to see information about each plant. This list is not all-inclusive, but is a great place to start to fill in the …

Prairie Verbena

prairie verbena

Name: Prairie Verbena Height: 1′ Width/Spread: 6-18″ Light: Sun/Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: SE Seasonal Interest: Spring through Fall Color/Feature: Purple EarthKindTM Rating: 8 Maintenance: No maintenance required. Botanical Name & Comments: Verbena bipinnatifida Note: Verbena x hybrida is an annual variety. Butterflies enjoy.   Learn about other water-wise perennials for Lubbock County, courtesy of Lubbock Master Gardeners Association.