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Possumhaw Holly

possumhaw holly

  Name: Possumhaw Holly Height: 12-20′ Width/Spread: 12′ Light: Sun, Partial Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: December to February Color/Feature: Red berries Maintenance: Prune to shape or to raise canopy. Botanical Name & Comments: Ilex decidua Texas native, attractive seeds…

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Desert Willow

desert willow in bloom

  Name: Desert Willow Height: 15-20′ Width/Spread: 15-20′ Light: Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Summer, Fall Color/Feature: White to lavender-maroon, bicolors EarthKindTM: 10 Maintenance: Prune for shape or to raise canopy; remove suckers. Botanical Name & Comments: Chilopsis linearis Desert…

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Flowering Crabapple

flowering crabapple

  Name: Flowering Crabapple Height: 6-30′ Width/Spread: 6-30′ Light: Sun/Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Spring Color/Feature: Soft-pink to white EarthKindTM: 6 Maintenance: Flowers are borne on last year’s shoots. Requires minimal pruning. When pruning is done it should be…

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Texas Betony

texas betony flowers

Name: Texas Betony Height: 1-1.5′ Width/Spread: 2-3′ Light: Sun/Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: SE Seasonal Interest: Summer to Fall Color/Feature: Coral / red flowers. Gray-green foliage. Maintenance: Prune back if it becomes ragged and new flowers will emerge. Botanical Name & Comments:…

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Mealy Blue Sage

mealy blue sage

Name: Mealy Blue Sage Height: 2-3″ Width/Spread: 18-24″ Light: Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Spring/Summer/Fall Color/Feature: Violet blue EarthKindTM Rating: 9 Maintenance: The mealy blue sage requires no pruning, but some tip pinching will encourage more blooms. Botanical Name &…

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Blackfoot Daisy

blackfoot daisy

Name: Blackfoot Daisy Height: 6-12″ Width/Spread: 1-2″ Light: Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: E Seasonal Interest: Spring to Early Fall Color/Feature: White flowers with yellow centers. Maintenance: Prune back if leggy. Botanical Name & Comments: Melampodium leucanthum Attracts butterflies. Texas native. Xeriscape. Excellent…

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Coreopsis in Bloom

Name: Coreopsis Height: 1-2′ Width/Spread: 6-9″ Light: Sun/part shade Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Spring to Early Fall EarthkindTM Rating: 7 Color/Feature: Yellow Flowers Maintenance: Prune off old blooms for repeated flowering. Botanical Name & Comments: Coreopsis lanceolata Butterfly plant. Native…

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Blanket Flower

blanket flower

  Name: Blanket Flower Height: 18″ Width/Spread: 16″ Light: Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Spring to early fall Color/Feature: Various colors such as wine-red or yellow. Daisy-like blooms. Maintenance: Remove spent flowers for continuous display. Cut back untidy growth in…

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