Lubbock Master Gardener Association


Possumhaw Holly

possumhaw holly

  Name: Possumhaw Holly Height: 12-20′ Width/Spread: 12′ Light: Sun, Partial Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: December to February Color/Feature: Red berries Maintenance: Prune to shape or to raise canopy. Botanical Name & Comments: Ilex decidua Texas native, attractive seeds…

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Chaste Tree – Vitex

Chaste Tree Vitex in bloom

  Name: Chaste Tree – Vitex Height: 10-15′ Width/Spread: 10-15′ Light: Sun/Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Spring, Summer, Fall Color/Feature: Blue-purple, white, pink-purple, terminal and axillary spikes, late spring or early summer peak and then sporadically until fall. EarthKindTM:…

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althea in bloom

  Name: Althea Height: 10-12′ Width/Spread: 5-7′ Light: Sun/Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Spring Summer Color/Feature: Single mallowlike or double carnation-like white, pink, purple, maroon, or blue-purple flowers. EarthKindTM: 9 Maintenance: Prune in later winter to promote vigorous shoot…

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