Lubbock Master Gardener Association


Waterwise Perennial Recommendations for Lubbock County

waterwise perennials

Lubbock Master Gardeners Association has created information-filled listings of water-wise plants we recommend for our area. This list of water-wise perennials is offered as a starting point for gardeners in the Lubbock area. Click on the plant name to see…

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Blackfoot Daisy

blackfoot daisy

Name: Blackfoot Daisy Height: 6-12″ Width/Spread: 1-2″ Light: Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: E Seasonal Interest: Spring to Early Fall Color/Feature: White flowers with yellow centers. Maintenance: Prune back if leggy. Botanical Name & Comments: Melampodium leucanthum Attracts butterflies. Texas native. Xeriscape. Excellent…

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Coral Bells

coral bells

Name: Coral Bells Height: 12-15″ Width/Spread: 10′ Light: Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: E Seasonal Interest: Mid Spring to Early Summer Color/Feature: Tiny bell-shaped pink flowers. Green, yellow, pinkish to bronze leaves. Maintenance: Deadhead to encourage repeat blooming through the summer. Pruning…

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Coreopsis in Bloom

Name: Coreopsis Height: 1-2′ Width/Spread: 6-9″ Light: Sun/part shade Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Spring to Early Fall EarthkindTM Rating: 7 Color/Feature: Yellow Flowers Maintenance: Prune off old blooms for repeated flowering. Botanical Name & Comments: Coreopsis lanceolata Butterfly plant. Native…

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Blanket Flower

blanket flower

  Name: Blanket Flower Height: 18″ Width/Spread: 16″ Light: Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Spring to early fall Color/Feature: Various colors such as wine-red or yellow. Daisy-like blooms. Maintenance: Remove spent flowers for continuous display. Cut back untidy growth in…

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Black Eyed Susan

black eyed susan

Name: Black Eyed Susan Height: 2′ Width/Spread: 2-3′ Light: Sun Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Summer Color/Feature: Yellow flowers with dark centers. Maintenance: Water improves blooms; dead-head blooms for greater flowering. Prune back in late winter. Botanical Name & Comments: Rudbeckia…

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Artemesia to illustrate the green leafy perennial

Name: Artemisia Height: 1-2′ Width/Spread: 3-6′ Light: S Evergreen/Deciduous: E Seasonal Interest: Year-Round Color/Feature: Gray-green foliage that becomes silver-white as it matures EarthKindTM Rating: 10 Maintenance: A rapid grower, this plant tends to become ratty and eventually declines in vigor unless…

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