Lubbock Master Gardener Association


Waterwise Rose Recommendations for Lubbock County

lubbock master gardener guide to waterwise roses

Lubbock Master Gardeners Association has created information-filled listings of water-wise plants we recommend for our area. This list of water-wise roses is offered as a starting point for gardeners in the Lubbock area. Click on the plant name to see…

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Name: Yarrow Height: 3-4′ flower stalks Width/Spread: 8-18″ Light: Sun/Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: E Seasonal Interest: Spring to Fall Color/Feature: White, yellow, red, pink Maintenance: Prune top 1/2 at end of May and to 3″ after first frost browns leaves. Cut…

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Texas Betony

texas betony flowers

Name: Texas Betony Height: 1-1.5′ Width/Spread: 2-3′ Light: Sun/Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: SE Seasonal Interest: Summer to Fall Color/Feature: Coral / red flowers. Gray-green foliage. Maintenance: Prune back if it becomes ragged and new flowers will emerge. Botanical Name & Comments:…

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daylily in bloom

Name: Daylily Height: 1-2′; Flower stalks from 2-4′ Width/Spread: 1-2′ Light: Sun/Partial Shade Evergreen/Deciduous: D Seasonal Interest: Early Summer Color/Feature: Pink, purple, red, peach, apricot and all shades in between. Petals may be ruffled, twirled or flecked with eye-catching glitter…

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