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Category: DIY Projects

How to Build Potato Towers

Vertical Gardening: Potato Towers By Kristin Bingham Have you been looking for something new to try this spring? Do you enjoy those fresh from the garden delights, but struggle to incorporate them into your meals? Potatoes are a relatively easy to grow…

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Gifts from the Garden

Egg planters: Break off the end of the egg to make a nickel-sized or slightly larger hole in one end. Shake out the egg. Poke a hole in the opposite end of the eggshell for drainage. Fill the hollow eggshell…

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How to Read a Seed Packet or Catalog

Winter gardening advice always includes going through gardening catalogs and deciding what plants you want to grow in the coming year. SO YOU KNOW HOW TO READ A SEED CATALOG OR SEED PACKET? It won’t be long before your mailbox…

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