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A Nonprofit Serving Lubbock Gardeners

Whether you’re a perpetual houseplant killer or a green thumb who’s dedicated a lifetime to the practice, we’re here for you. We exist to support and educate the Lubbock community with science-based best practices and decades of experience navigating the unique gardening opportunities on the Llano Estacado.

2023 LMGA Scholarship available

Are you interested in studying plants at the college level? Are you a high school student heading to college or a current college student? If you answered yes, be sure to check out the 2023 LMGA Scholarship Program. Applications are accepted through June 1.

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Be sure you’re doing the right things at the right time! Set yourself up for growing success with our seasonal planting guides specific to the Lubbock area.

The key to successful gardening in Lubbock is choosing species that not only survive – but thrive – in our climate. We’ve done the research for you – enjoy!

Growing edibles can be one of the most fulfilling garden experiences. Use our vegetable gardening guides to help with a hearty harvest!

Contribute financially to help us continue to serve the Lubbock area. We would greatly appreciate your donation, and it will help us:

  • Provide gardening education to the Lubbock community
  • Provide scholarships for prospective Master Gardeners
  • Maintain outreach programs like school and community gardens

Passionate About Gardening and Learning?

Become a Certified Master Gardener

Join our 2023 Master Gardener Intern Class! Check back for 2023 Class information-Coming Soon

Questions? contact Becky Miller or Texas AgriLife Extension (806)775-1740