Gardening App Review: Garden Tags

Use this Garden Tags app for:

Identifying plants, looking at other peoples’ plant and garden photos, task reminders, social media for plants.


Who should use Garden Tags app:

People who are looking for the Instagram of plant identification, but with a task feature.


Features of Garden Tags:

  • Take a photo
  • Upload a photo
  • Look at other people’s photos
  • Get alerts about your plants


Shortcomings of Garden Tags:

Very limited featureset – it’s social media for gardening


The Garden Tags app boasts:

Garden Tags is the ultimate all-in-one app for gardeners of all abilities that’s making the art of growing easy and fun. Get planting inspiration, advice, identification and garden management in one free app. It’s simple – you’ll grow more plants and less weeds.

With the Garden Tags gardening app you can manage your entire garden and plant collection in one place. You can also experience the joy of gardening with our rapidly growing community of 100,000+ gardeners and receive garden and plant advice in return. And if you don’t know what the plant is. No Problem. Our gardeners will identify it for you for free…You really can’t beat gardener powered plant identification.


With Garden Tags you can keep a record of all your plants in your garden in one place. When you add a plant you also get access to all the information about that plant in our growing encyclopedia of 18,000+ plants. What’s more, you get a handy record of how each plant has grown over the seasons too.


Garden Tags members have already shared hundreds of thousands of gardens, plants and beautiful flowers on the gardening app. With GardenTags you’ll never be stuck for garden design and plant inspiration again. Follow expert growers like the RHS and TV Gardener Michael Perry or organic growers like Ellen Mary Gardening. From rose specialists, to organic allotmenteers to succulent growers – they’re all sharing daily inspiration to expand our growing horizons. If you like garden design there are thousands of designs to choose from too.


Do you need to identify a plant or flower? Want to know which plants will grow best and flower in your garden? Thinking of going organic? GardenTags has 1000s of experts on hand and ready to answer your garden, plant and flower questions. Our gardeners will also help you identify pests and diseases. You may need an answer to a design question or quick answer to an organic solution to green fly. Easy. Just hashtag your question #advice and you’ll get an answer.


When you upgrade to Garden Tags Premium you’ll receive plant care tasks when your plant needs care e.g. when it’s time to prune. There are also handy videos showing you the best way to approach the garden task too. Whether you’re an organic allotment gardener or a succulent grower they’ll be answers to your growing needs and personalised tasks alerts. You’ll also be able to add growing notes to each plant and task.

Beginner gardeners love GardenTags because of the plant identification and answers to many common gardening problems but also because they find the plant encyclopedia invaluable. As you get more confident you can follow the RHS, organic growers, allotment gardeners, succulent growers and experts in garden design. You never know you may be able to help someone identify a flower or help with a plant care task for someone’s planting journal.


My two cents:

This app is neat as a community resource for plant identification, but I think the garden planning apps like Homegrown are better suited for task reminders. However, the social and photo aspects of this app make it fun and interactive.


Screenshots and Features:

You must create an account in order to use the app.


Creating an account was a little more cumbersome than expected… this is just the first screen.


It asks some questions about experience…


It asks some questions about your garden “style”…


It asks you to upload a plant photo…


It asks you to pay money…


As you upload a photo, it asks you to label your photo with the plant type.


If you don’t know what plant it is, the community will help you identify it.


Based on the plant identification, the app with generate care tasks for your plant, which it will then notify you about when they’re due.