Water Use in Winter

Irrigating landscape can be a safety hazard when watering during freezing temperatures, especially if runoff into streets and sidewalks occur. It can also damage irrigation systems. City ordinance prohibits irrigation when temperatures are 35˚ F or below. Please be cautious when irrigating your lawn and gardens this winter. Please follow these tips: – Do not irrigate below 35˚ F – If it is above 35˚ F, do not over irrigate. Excess water can runoff onto sidewalks and streets and cause icy conditions – Do not irrigate if it there is rain, snow or any time of precipitation – Freeze protect your irrigation systems – Check hoses, sprinklers, and rain sensors for damage Please visit the Water Department website form more information at www.mylubbock.us/water

Conservation Program Educator Molly MorrisCity of Lubbock