Waterwise Annual Recommendations for Lubbock County

Lubbock Master Gardeners Association has created information-filled listings of water-wise plants we recommend for our area. This list of water-wise annuals is offered as a starting point for gardeners in the Lubbock area. This list is not all-inclusive, but is a great place to start to fill in the empty spots around your yard.

Click here to download a Printable PDF List of Water-wise Annuals for Lubbock County.

Spring Flowering Annuals for Lubbock County:

  • California Poppy – Direct seed, 8-12 in. tall
  • Copper Plant – Use for accent
  • Cosmos – Good for background; massed beds may need staked
  • Dahlberg – Small golden-yellow deadhead for best results
  • Daisy – blooms all summer takes some shade
  • Dianthus – Bloom spring and fall
  • Dusty Miller – Good accent plant, may
  • Euryops – Yellow daisy-like flowers good in pots
  • Four o’clock – Tolerates heat, little
  • Gaillardia (Blanket Flower) – Tolerates heat, native, don’t fertilize
  • Gladiolus – Plant on 2-week intervals, 20-48 in tall
  • Iceland Poppy – Direct seed, attractive in
  • Larkspur – Direct seed, 18-48 in. tall survive mild winter
  • Nasturtium – Do not over-fertilize
  • Pansy/Johnnie Jump-Up Plant in fall
  • Snapdragon – Also do well in partial shade water once established 6-36 in. tall

Full Sun Annuals for Lubbock County:

  • Portulaca (Moss Rose) – Tolerates heat/drought, many colors
  • Purslane – Tolerates heat; can be invasive
  • Spider Plant – Great in hanging basket, use indoors also
  • Stock – Excellent cut flower, fragrant excellent
  • Sweet Pea – Seed in fall
  • Strawflower – Good in dried arrangements
  • Sunflower – Tolerates heat, use as background plant, some dwarf forms
  • Verbena – Tolerates heat; spider mite problem
  • Zinnia – Tolerates heat; don’t get leaves wet

Summer and Fall Flowering Annuals for Lubbock County:

  • Baby’s Breath – Also a perennial variety
  • Ice Plant – Tolerates heat excellent in containers
  • Blue Daze – Low, sprawling plant, great in hanging basket
  • Cardinal Vine – Attracts hummingbirds, climber 8-12 ft. tall
  • Marigold – Spider mite problem, tolerates heat
  • Cockscomb – Many colors, great as border
  • Hollyhock – May need to stake, 2-8 ft. tall depending on var.
  • Lantana – Tolerates heat; some perennial var., native
  • Moon Flower – Vine, 8-12 ft., white flowers direct seed
  • Morning Glory – Vine, tolerates heat, vigorous
  • Nierembergia – Does well in hanging basket, tolerates heat
  • Ornamental – Peppers Colorful fruit, good pot plant
  • Periwinkle – Tolerates heat/drought, rotate beds