Name: Lantana
Height: 1-6′
Width/Spread: 3-6′
Light: Sun/Partial Shade
Evergreen/Deciduous: D
Seasonal Interest: Spring to Fall
Color/Feature: Highly variable, white, purple, yellow, orange, red, pink,  even with two or three colors on single cyme.
EarthKindTM Rating: 9
Maintenance: Cut dead canes to the ground in mid-winter; if the plant has survived, small sprouts will emerge from the base of the plant in early spring.
Botanical Name

& Comments:

Lantana spp.
Some form groundcovers only 1′ or so tall, others are rounded shrubs reaching 6′ in height. The dark green foliage is prickly with a pungent scent. Shrubs, herbaceous perennials, or annuals depending upon the cultivar and location of growth. Good varieties for Lubbock area are Confetti, Irene and Dallas Red. Attracts butterflies.


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