Blanket Flower

blanket flower


blanket flower
Blanket Flower in bloom.
Name: Blanket Flower
Height: 18″
Width/Spread: 16″
Light: Sun
Evergreen/Deciduous: D
Seasonal Interest: Spring to early fall
Color/Feature: Various colors such as wine-red or yellow.
Daisy-like blooms.
Maintenance: Remove spent flowers for continuous display. Cut back untidy growth in late summer. Allow seed heads to completely dry prior to trimming.
Botanical Name

& Comments:

Gaillardia sp.
Attracts butterflies. Xeriscapic,
Texas native. An excellent cut flower
with a vase life of 6 to 10 days.
Perennial varieties include Gaillardia
grandiflora and aristata. Annual
varieties such as gaillardia pulchella –
Indian Blanket are also available


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