January Gardening Checklist

january garden checklist

new shade trees, fruit trees, and evergreen shrubs, mulching root areas.
transplant established trees and shrubs while they are dormant.
bare-root plants such as fruit trees, nut trees, and roses.
kale, chard, onion transplants
seeds in flats or containers to get a jump on the season.
with purpose. Dont “top” trees or shrubs including crape myrtles. Don’t leave stubs. Cut flush against remaining branches on shrubs and along the branch collar on trees.
evergreen trees to minimize possible ice damage.
to re-shape evergreen shrubs and shade trees, as needed, during the winter dormant period.
houseplants for insect pests
leaf buildup. Remove from turf areas to reduce disease and insect problems.
compost and mulch – add more to beds if it has washed away or blown away, or disintegrated.
watering. Water lawn once every three weeks or so, outdoor landscape plants before a hard freeze to reduce chances of freeze damage
Get ready for spring:
till and prepare new planting beds on pretty days, working in organic material.
get a soil test.